July 16th 2022 Final Instructions

G U E R N S E Y  M O T O R  C Y C L E  &  C A R  C L U  B L B G
For July 16th Les Val des Terres Hill Climb
These instructions are to be read in conjunction with the General Regulations of the MotorsportUK and the Supplementary Regulations for the event.
1. All local competitors are asked to participate in the setting-up before or the clearing-down after the event
Setting out of the July National takes place on the Friday night at approx 6.30 p.m.
2. Competition numbers will be displayed only on the day of the event if the vehicle is to be used on the Public Highway.
3 Each competitor may only enter one vehicle per class. The vehicle may be entered by a maximum of two competitors only
4. Any competitor who is not ready when called upon to start may forfeit his run.
5. In the event of a competitor being excluded from the event, entry fees will not be refunded
6. Any competitor who does not comply with instructions received from a Marshal or an Official may be excluded.
7. The Guernsey Motor & Cycle Club LBG Committee reserve the right to use some form of elimination if numbers of entries are too large
8. When called upon all competitors must return to the pits in an orderly manner freewheeling. All helmets must be worn on the return from the paddock.         On no account will passengers be carried in any competitor’s vehicles apart from Sidecars. Overtaking is not permitted on a return to pits, Drive down on        left-hand side only
9. All competitors’ vehicles must be conveyed to and from the event in accordance with the law.
11 Each competitor will be permitted one mechanic only to accompany him in the pits.
12. There will be no smoking in the Pits at all times.
13. Competitors are advised that the amount of spare fuel stored in the pits should be restricted to the absolute minimum required for that day’s             competition. Spare fuel must be stored in a container that is approved for the storage of fuel.
14. All competing vehicles that leave the race area must be re-checked by the MSUK scrutineers before competing again.
15. If red flagged on a run, you must stop or when told proceed slowly to the end of the course off the racing line.
16. Unless instructed by the Clerk of the Course competitors are forbidden to return to the Start Line of the course (i.e. against the direction of racing).
17 All competitors should arrive at the event from the town end of the pits not Les Val des Terres
18 No equipment may be stored on the pavement on the seaward side of the pit area
19. The use of a source to preheat the tyres is only permitted for ACU Competitors
20. The use of generators & auxiliary engines is not permitted: Power will be supplied if possible,. Dispensation may be given by Clerk of the Course
21. Protests see MSUK 2022 on line at the Competitors and Officials Yearbook Section C

Guernsey Motor Cycle & Car Club