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Guernsey   Motor   Cycle

and   Car   Club

                                                                                                            (affiliated R.A.C.  and  ACU.)








                                           F.J.L. Tamblin  “ Tor Cross, ” Elm Grove.

                                                                                                     Telephone 1070

                                                                                                     Hon. Treasure:

                                           Mrs R. A. De Putron. Cambrai Villa, Brock Road

Telephone  1717


January. 1951.

l feel that my first duty in this issue is to thank all members who have congratulated me on the first edition of the Monthly News Report, for, after all, human nature being what it is. Who doesn’t like ” Bouquets,” Now before I go out and order myself a hat two sizes larger, what about the “Brickbats;” as I am sure there must be some. Sling them at me (by post if you don’t mind, not through the window!).

” Con-Rod,” writing in the Jersey Evening Post. Comments that we have taken a step in the right direction but that our Monthly News Sheet is not up to the standard of the Jersey M.C. & L.C.C. Magazine. Now that is a very high standard to achieve, but I feel that even that is not outside e the realms of possibility but only y with your individual support.

From time to time, I shall probably express an opinion in this column. I want to make it quite clear that such opinions will be mine and not necessarily those of the Committee. They, I hope will voice their own opinions elsewhere in the report. By the same token , if you have any opinions on the, way the Club is being run, let me have them and I will publish them and 1 think in this way we can clear up misunderstandings, real or imaginary. That any of you may have.

You will appreciate that this News Report takes time to compile and print therefore I must ask you to let me have your News and Views or any other matter you wish me to print by the 14th of the month, thus ensuring it is in time for the following month’s edition. Now don’t forget- IT ALL DEPENDS ON YOU.

There is a certain amount of space available for half and quarter page advertisements. Rates can be obtained from me. You’re Editor



We are pleased to welcome three new Members to the Club this month:

Messrs. R. A. Huddle

  1. A. Lightbody

 Reg Weysom


It has been decided to hold a Children’s Party at the Richmond Hotel on Saturday, January 13th, 1951, from 3pm. to 6.30pm for all members’ children.

 It is suggested that all children under 3 years of age be accompanied by a parent for whom a charge of 2/6 will be made to cover the cost of their refreshments.

Will all parents desiring their children to attend this Party please inform either Mrs. Putron, 1, Cambria Villa, Brock Road, Telephone 1717, or E. G. Tostevin, La Couture, St. Peter’s, Telephone 3232. On or before Wednesday, January 10th, 1951. Please state whether or not you will accompany your child. You will appreciate that this is important as the Hotel must have notice of the numbers expected to attend.



Your Committee, after great deliberation and with great reluctance found it was necessary to abandon the Speed Hill Climb scheduled to be held at Petit Bot on Boxing Day, owing to the very poor number of entrants.

To the keen types who did enter they wish to say they are sorry. To the not so keen, please rally round at the next event.



The motor-cycle trial for this month is to be held on Sunday. January 14th. The starting point will be Petit Bot at 2p.m. Three laps.

The closing date for entries is Thursday. 11th January, 1951.



The annual subscription is now due.








A Forum is to be held at the Richmond Hotel on the 31st January, 1951, at 8 p.m. L.V.Lane will be in the chair. The Morris Service Group, who will be in the island on this date, are being invited to attend. Come and have a good “natter” on things technical and otherwise.




A Service in which the Dean of Guernsey, The Very Rev. E.L.

Frossard, dedicated the Vestry Screen to the memory of David Bougourd, was held at St. Martin’s Church on Sundav.26th November, 1950. All members who attended were deeply impressed by the beautiful Service, when the Dean spoke in glowing terms of the late David Bougourd.

The Committee would like to take this opportunity of thanking the nearly 100 members who attended.





A Social Run is to be held on Sunday, 28th January, 1951, to commence from the Model Yacht Pond at 2.30 p.m. This event is being organised by Messrs. H. J. Ozanne and E.Chick and a good time should be had by all.



That Arnold Le Gallez’s signature tune is ” Three Wheels on the Waggon ” ?





We are sorry to hear that Tommy Tostevin. snr. is in hospital and hope by the time this issue is published he will be out and fit again.

We would like to wish “Mick” Travers every success in his new venture as Mine Host at “La Fontaine” Vale Road.

Our congratulations to Eric Rabey, who placed so well in the

recent Devon Motor-Cycle Trial against the strong opposition of English riders. As this was his first attempt. we say “Good Show”·









Members are respectfully reminded that the  Committee all have a living to earn and a lunch to eat and that they would appreciate it if members II wishing to contact them would do so only out of business hour .



This column is available to all members at a cost of  1/- per line

(approx. 8 or 9 words per line. minimum 2/-.


FOR SALE. – Wolstin. Wolsey 9 engine. Austin 7 chassis. This car tied for the David Cup last season; £60.-E. G. Tostevin.

La Couture, St. Peters. Tel. 3232.


FOR SALE.-Periodicals: 1948 Motor-Cycles, 1949 Motor­ Cycles. 1948 Motor-Cycling. 1949 Motor-Cycling, 1949 Auto­ car. All good condition and complete. What offers?-Moram,

10, Pollet, Phone. 1806.



Twas in the very early days of Vazon racing. The corners were flagged, the pits set up and all was ready. Hot favourite for the first race was a certain twin Douglas, ridden by a mechanic noted for his ability both as tuner and rider. “They’re off!”, the crowd roars. Leading is a flashing Calthorpe with a Rex Acme second and a Sunbeam third. but the Doug. is coming up. Through the field she goes and on the bottom corner her superb rider takes the lead. streaking up the straight he comes-when, alas!-the famed old trouble returned, the Doug. limped in on one cylinder. The pit team of super mechanics swarmed upon the faulty machine.”Plugs”  shouted the rider.They were changed in record time, to no avail. “Jets,” screamed a. man who should know. The carb. was stripped, cleaned and specially cleared jets fitted, but one pot went and the other didn’t. A quiet spoken gent wearing glasses looked knowingly at the now-silent mile-eater, known throughout the island for his knowledge and ability, and said in a whisper·· “Mag.” Why, of course it was mag., why hadn’t anyone thought of it before. The crowd surged around while the great man went carefully to work. Ten valued minutes passed before with quiet assurance, he announced

‘Now she’ll go on both.”‘ The crowd part, willing hands push­ she fires- yeah. but still on one. A deep sad silence fell upon the gathering, the rider slowly removes the flying helmet much used in those days, all is gloom, a small boy elbows his way through and looks on as the great rider sadly turns away the boy – speaks, …,. “Did you drop this, Mister?” The great one turned and there, in the small boy’s grubby hand. he saw a Pushrod !!!!!!



That Bob Sangan, the President of the Jersey Motor-Cycle and Light Car Club, has taken delivery of an XK 120 Jaguar and that Poingdestre has purchased an Aston Martin, formerly used by St. John Horsfall, the well-known Hill Climb and Speed merchant, and that both intend having a bash at our Val des Terres Hill Climb on August Bank Holiday. Local drivers take note.


I wonder if Members realise the great variety of Books for the enthusiastic Motorist and Motor-cyclist there are available at the present time and how in these long winter evenings by the fire­side one can sit and lose themselves in the story of a first- class Road Race or experience the thrill of real motoring of the Monte Carlo Rally.

For those who build their own cars, Specials by John Bolster is a book full of interesting reading and fine pictures. All M.G. owners should not miss reading Maintaining the Breed by J.W.Thornley. This is the history of the car and one of the finest motoring books I have read.

For the motor-cyclists there is a book just out called British

motor-Cycles. This contains a wealth of information about every make from A-Z. For instance, one can look up the history of an Auto-Cycle, see who made it and where, and its full specification, etc. This can also be done with the latest H.R.D. Black Shadow. The Story of the T.T. by G. S.Davison , and Private Owner by

L.R.Higgins, will be appreciated by those keen on racing :

Specials by John Bolster , 10/- maintaining the Breed, by J.W.Thornley, 10/ 6; British Motor-Cycles, 7/ 6; Story of the T.T.

by G. S. Davison , 9/6, Private Owner by L.R.Higgi ns. 10/-.



The very latest Books covering all aspects of

Motoring                   or                          Motor-cycling

may be obtained through the

Island School of Motoring

1O THE POLLET .Phone 1806












Dear .Mr. Editor.

Mr. Travers and myself wish to thank the Committee and Members generally for their assistance in bringing the David Bougourd Memorial to a satisfactory conclusion.

To those Members who turned out to the service and added appreciation is due.

1 enclose herewith a letter received from Mrs.Bougourd which l feel should be included in your News Letter so that all Members may know of the family’s gratitude and thanks.

Yours sincerely.



David Bougourd Memorial Fund.


Many thank s. Bill. I have much pleasure in publishing Mrs.Bougourd’s letter hereunder.-Ed.]

The Hawthorns.

Sausmarez Road.

St. Martin’s.

Dear Billy.

This is to say thank you, very, very humbly indeed, for all you. the Club Members. and friends have done in paying such a wonderful tribute to the memory of our dear David.

If it is possible will, you please convey our sincere appreciation to all.

Yours very sincerely,



  1. Pollet Street

Dear Mr Editor.


I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on the first copy of your Monthly News Report. This is indeed a move in the right direction and I see no reason why with the help of the Members sending in their bits and pieces (of news I mean not old pistons and valves. etc.!). This should grow into something we can all look forward to each month.

You have made a good start. It is up to the Members to help keep it going and surely out of our present membership some of us must have something that we would all like to read about (did I hear you say·I bet there is “?).

The best of luck.

  1. MORAM.

Island School of Motoring.

(I’ll bet there is!-Ed)

J.M.C. & L.C.C. 1951 PROGRAMME


The following is the proposed list of events for 1951 to be run by the J.M.C. & L.C.C. All these events are open to members of the G.M.C. & C.C.

Sunday,               February              11th        –             East v. West Trial.

Sunday                 March                  18th                      Spring Trial.

Thursday                            March                  29th-                    Flying  Sprints.

Thursday.                           April                    l2th-                     Sand Meeting.

Sunday,               April                    29th-                    Liberation Trial.

May 8th. 9th, 10th-                                                                     Sand Meeting or Road Race.

Monday.                            May                     14th-                    Bouley Bay Hill Climb.

Sunday,               May                     20th-                    Car Trial.

Sunday,               June                     3rd-                      Pillion Trial.

Thursday,             June                     14th-                    Evening Sand Meeting.

Thursday.             Jun e                    28th-                    Road Race or Sand Meeting.

Thursday.                           July                      12th-                    Bouley Bay Hill Climb.

Thursday,                           July                      26th-                    Evening Sand Meeting.

Thursday.             August   9th-                      Bouley Bay Nat. Hill Climb .

Thursday,             August   23rd-                    Concours d’Elegance.

Thursday.                           August   30th-                    Gymkhana.

Thursday,             Sept                      6th-                     Car 50 Miles Sand Race.

Thursday.                           Sept                     30th-                   Motor Cycle 50 Mile Race. Thursday ,            Sept                      30th-                    Autumn Trial.

Thursday.                           October 4th-                      Car Standing Sprints.

Thursday.                           October 18th-                    Motor Cycle Standing Sprints

 Sunday.               Nov                      4th-                      November Trial.

Sunday.               Dec                      2nd-                     Winter Trial.

Sunday.               Dec                      30th-                    New Year Trial.



January 12th         General Committee Meeting.7.30 p

Tor Cross:·Elm Grove.

13th-         Children’s Party. 3pm. to 6.30 pm. at Richmond Hotel:

Latest date of acceptance. Jan.10th.

14th–          Motor-Cycle Trial.

Closing date for entries. January 11th.

28th-         Social Run. Model Yacht Pond. 2.30 pm.

31st-         Forum Richmond Hotel 8pm.